Andrew & Marrissa

I remember arriving in the late morning to document Andrew and Marrissa’s wedding. As I was photographing Marrissa’s preparation shots, I couldn’t help but realize that she was smiling all the way. I even joked with her, “Don’t worry about having to smile all the time because the day will be a marathon, not a sprint. There will be many more chances for you to smile. Otherwise, your mouth might get cramps.” But Roxx the makeup artist, told me that she had been smiling since she arrived in the morning. Looking back, I think this is what a wedding day should be. That genuine happiness that radiates through every part of your being.

The Couple

Andrew & Marrissa

The Wedding

The St. Regis Singapore

The Vendors

Shot by Wilson, Senior of Multifolds
Film: @androidsinboots
Roving Photography:
Florist:  @lizflorals , @ccleedesigns@bucketfullof_roses
Hair and Make Up: @makeupbyroxx
Wedding Planner: @everittweds
Gown: @the.proposal.bridal@pronovias

A surprise first-look for her Dad

As both Andrew and Marrissa are lawyers, I often wondered what would happen if they got into an argument. The question is, would it ever end? Lol. But what they said made me learn something. Andrew said, “In an argument, there is always something each party can be sorry for. So, take a step back and look beyond right and wrong. Looking at the big picture makes it easier to move things forward rather than find out who is at fault.”

I guess what he said is true. Often, most relationships fail because of the need to find out which party is at fault rather than solving the real issue. To be fair, there isn’t a perfect relationship. But knowing how to communicate and solve problems is essential in sustaining a marriage. So thank you, Andrew, for the advice!

Till then,

Wilson (Senior)

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