Darrell & Georgina Love Story

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Photography: Wilson, Senior of Multifolds Photography
Makeup: Ready Get Set Glow
Wedding Gown: Stitch By Stitch.co
Evening Gown: Rico-A-Mona Bridal
Suits: Edit Suits Co.
Flowers: Liz Florals
Venue: Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Darrell & Georgina first met when they notice each other’s good looks. Feelings started to develop when she wanted to tease Darrell by taking his expensive pen. It was Darrell’s precious pen that was bought by his sister. Darrell was swayed by Georgina’s cheekiness and that really made an impression on him. From then on, he wanted to know more about her and managed to get her number from a common group chat. He found ways to talk to her by sending funny messages. From that moment on, they kept talking to each other.

Both of them started to hanging out. On their second date (but to Georgina, it’s just a friendly meeting), they went to Boat Quay. It was a Saturday night and both of them were seated along the beautiful Singapore River having conversations. While Darrell was spending time with her, on a few occasions, he noticed Georgina kept looking at the clock tower across the river. Little did he know that Georgina wanted to go home as she has to attend church the next morning. As I got to uncover more of their story, Georgina told me that the staring of the clock tower was because she noticed that was already very late and she was subtly trying to hint that it was time to go home. But Darrell didn’t notice as he wanted to spend more time with her. So she tried giving more hints by quickly finishing her bottled water.

After many years later, here they are back at the same place as a married couple. It’s funny how their love story unfolded from a friend who got to know each other because of an expensive pen to a married couple.

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