Tying the Knot / Actual day Wedding Photography Tips!

Congratulations on tying the knot! Wedding planning can be daunting and I assure you that it is completely normal to be feeling this way! However, If you’re still worried about how things will unfold on an actual day, fret not because I’m here to share some tips to help you guys out! 

Tip number 1: Plan your photoshoot timing at the correct time of day! 

Proper planning is important. My advice for couples is to plan their photoshoots on your actual day between the timing of 8am to 10am. During this time, the weather is cooler and lightings are usually the best and most forgiving. You wouldn’t want to be breaking into buckets of sweat whilst in your suit or gown! 

Tip number 2: Have your loudest and closest friends and family along the aisle of your March in! 

Marching in can be a stressful thing for some of you but why not let your family and friends support you while you do so! 

I always encourage couples to have their nosiest and closest friends along the aisle because they will be the ones cheering you on! Not only that, it makes the march in even more memorable!

Besides, the pictures we capture would be nicer too! Why not kill two birds with one stone right?

Can you imagine having an aisle full of people whom you aren’t very close with but who end up in the majority of your photos? Damn sian right… Your first March in should be filled with all the moments that you’ll want us to capture! 

Tip number 3: Put a ring on it! (The correct one of course!) 

I swear, this is the most important part, so listen up! Don’t make the same mistake that I did! 

Always remember to keep yourself compose and pick up the RIGHT RING instead of your own when you’re putting your engagement rings on for each other! (I’m not kidding) 

Some of you might think “walao, this one need to say meh?”. But I kid you not when you’re up there in front of a sea of people, you will be nervous and there is a high possibility that you might try to put your own ring onto your partner’s finger. It happened to me, so trust me on this guys. 

Also, when putting on the ring, go slow! We photographers, can’t say “eh wait ah, can remove again and put it on?” So for us, it’s either a hit or miss! (You wouldn’t want us to miss your one and only ring shot!) 

By going slow, it will help us to help you capture the picture-perfect moment beautifully! 

Tip number 4: Have your “Same day edit” (SDE) wedding video played AFTER your March in! 

Many couples will usually have their SDE video played before their second march-in. But, my advice to all couples is to have your SDE played after your March in! This will allow you and your partner to also watch the SDE video comfortably on your chairs! 

Very often, I find couples peeping through the door to watch their SDE video while waiting for their march-in. I mean, if you’re excited to watch the video as well, why not watch it together with your guest! 

I’m sure your videographers will thank you too as it gives them more time to edit your SDE video perfectly!

Tip number 5: Have a heartfelt speech to show gratitude!

Your actual Wedding day should be a happy occasion and celebrated with your loved ones. Asians are usually very conservative and usually, we don’t share our feelings with our parents. But trust us, deep down they do love words of affirmation. 

This is the best opportunity to thank your parents and siblings and give them the recognition that they deserve. Share with your friends and families what they have contributed to both of your lives. Because as the saying goes, without them, there won’t be you and you both won’t know each other and fall in love with one another!

Alright enough said, I hope these tips will come in handy for you guys and I wish you all the best for your wedding day!

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