5 Secret Lovescapade Locations that many think isn’t shot in Singapore

You’ve asked, we haven’t answered until now.

It’s definitely a hassle to reply each of everyone’s DM on the locations that we have painstakingly found on every nook and cranny of Singapore’s land. Finally, we are sharing on the locations with you on what we have found, shot and delivered to our clients. Do give us a follow on our Instagram @multifolds to see more new locations up on our sleeves in future!

Here are the current 5 secret lovescapade locations that you been asking for. We found these places interesting is because firstly, it wasn’t discovered by many by pre-wedding photographers. Secondly, it is quite accessible by car which is a bonus! 

Lastly, I truly like to say and appreciate our amazing and adventurous couples who entrusted us in their lovescapade sessions with the new locations.

 1. Jurong Railway Line

(1°19’34.3″N 103°46’32.6″E)

High contrast shots with a tinge of mysterious vibes to your pre-wedding photos. Perfect for grooms who love architecture and symmetries in their pre-wedding photos, while brides gearing akin to nature shots. This is probably one of the best of both worlds.


 2. Eden Rows of Trees

(1°23’05.8″N 103°41’31.5″E)

Totally perfect for clients who love very soft background with rows of trees. What we love about this place is that it is really quiet. Prior to that, there’s no cars to photobomb into your photos. However, come with an open mind in this location. You will understand why when you open the Google Maps Link! That is the reason I prefer to shoot very soft, 85mm f1.4 for less distractions.


 3. Bollywood Veggies

(100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026)

I have to give credit to Wilson who found this place. I went there with an open mind, as well as super delicious food such as Otah Omelette and their blue pea Nasi Lemak. This is the closest to how farms in Malaysia look like. With Banana trees, butterfly garden and etc, this is the best spot for a tropical outback look.


 4. Sand Dunes in the East

(1°18’25.9″N 103°56’19.1″E)

A lot of people have been asking for this place, and they were guessing it to be at Tuas. No, it is not Tuas nor Tampines as those places are out of bounce. However, at this quiet little spot in East Coast Park, there is a small sand bank to shoot with.

Hair and make up by @tracyimhmua

Hair and Gown: The Gown Warehouse

Flowers: 85Flowers


 5. Bougainvillea Flower Farm

(1°16’37.4″N 103°51’48.4″E)

The final location that we are sharing this quarter is this astonishingly beautiful flower farm in the CBD. Do note that this is seasonal. Therefore, it is recommended to do a recce before heading down to this place!


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