Shenglin and Nicole

It’s a gem to have Shenglin and Nicole. We were supposed to be shooting in Cappadocia, Turkey with the hot air balloons and deserts.

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, they were really nice to convert it into a local pre-wedding shoot. I knew I had to give my best and make it as epic as how I shot overseas. Therefore, for their set of photos, I had to ensure that the places that we shoot in Singapore, do look like an overseas location. I’m really glad that they were open in new locations despite not shooting there before. I’m also equally thankful for Tracy, from for being very flexible with her policies. We were supposed to be shooting in Cappadocia too!

I truly love the photos a lot, this is probably the highlight of 2020 for me with the new locations.

I love these sand dunes a lot. There are layers of sand which creates a nice dimension to the photo.

Thereafter, we went to this beautiful quarry area.

There’s a lot of textures and shadows at the backdrop which made this such a unique location in Singapore.

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