Swee Hock and Candace in Seoul

Seoul is such an amazing place with this current K Pop vibes yet holding dearly to it’s traditional architectures. I’ve been to Seoul for many times and I told myself that I have to shoot differently. I have to rethink and reorganise my Seoul lovescapade to constantly stay relevant and fresh. I think I did it but most importantly, Swee Hock and Candace have to like it and I’m glad they entrusted me to shoot different in Seoul with new style and drones included!

We decided to go during Autumn as it makes the whole place golden and magical.


The autumn shots was taken at Naejangsan. That place brings so much korean drama vibes as we explored further down on this mountainous areas.

Ever seen flowers that glow? This is the place we can reminisce with the song by Coldplay – Everglow

We found an abandoned theme park for an amazing shoot. The fun and nostalgia is pretty strong.

It was very liberating for me to outdo myself for this Seoul Lovescapade. Till here then and we are open for Seoul lovescapade next year!


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