Isaac and Linda (Acro-Yoga Edition)

Linda and Isaac approached with a concept for their shoot. It is unusual for couples to already have a concept in mind, as they would usually bounce a few ideas with us before finalising both the locations and concepts for their pre-wedding. Linda and Isaac, however, were extremely certain with the concept and location they had in mind: yoga in a studio.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to help them further this concept. How often would a photographer be presented the chance to incorporate both yoga and a pre-wedding? I took the opportunity and stepped out of my comfort zone to take up this challenge.

How about this challenging pose for a start? We included both casual and formal get-ups for this yoga pre-wedding.

Cheese and smile everyone!

We took a while to get this shot right. It was challenging to get Linda stable on air with just Isaac’s support.

Some behind the scenes work

Look at the dedication and effort the power couple put in.

The list of yoga poses. It must be really tiring to attempt everything within 4 hours!

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