Derrick and Li Jia in Melbourne

Say “Melbourne” and I will tell you “let’s go”! The amazing people and breathtaking sceneries makes Melbourne my favourite city to visit. Naturally, this was where we ended up when Derrick and Li Jia asked for location recommendations.

It was after Alvin’s and Fenny’s shoot in Melbourne did my love for the place start to grow. Melbourne is a treasure trove of wonders for photographers. I love exploring every nook and cranny within and around Melbourne. The city itself is great for urban photography, and around the urban cityscape lie an array of beautiful landscapes. I’ve seen Melbourne’s many beaches and oceans along the Great Ocean Road, and I yearn to see it again.

Make up by: DLouver Makeup

I highly recommend Brighton Beach even if you aren’t going there for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The wooden huts along the beach adds a lot character to its sandy shores.

We also dived into some casual fun!

The gift Derrick made for Li Jia. Handmade gifts like these make for better props for pre-weddings as they help add some personal touches to the photos.

These were taken along my favourite spot along Great Ocean Road. Look, a lighthouse!

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