Adora Yeo
  • Adora Yeo

“You know a shoot is going well, when all are not feeling tired.” – Melvin

We cannot express how much we enjoy looking at the pictures the both of you have come up with. The passion and energy you guys place in your work, is truly commendable. We will continue to support the both of you, because we are really sure our wedding pictures will be stunning in your hands. So this is us, showing how much we love your work. Continue to strive for the best, always look back at this present time. For your burning passion, is all you need to capture joyous moments. 

- Timothy & Adora.

Jonathan Raedeke
  • Jonathan Raedeke

Multifolds I want to thank you for the amazing photos of us. To say these photos look amazing is a true understatement, they are beautiful, and they make me love my girlfriend more deeply than if I had not seen them. Thank you.

Ana Lim
  • Ana Lim

Thank you Multifolds for taking such good care with my in-laws and so patient with them. Father in law was impressed with such effort and business acument in your youth. You kept us all upbeat and made us laugh, we had such a good family time, it was bonding for us. Thank you.

Lau Shernin Amanda
  • Lau Shernin Amanda


Stephanie Neo
  • Stephanie Neo

Hi Melvin Lau, received the CD rom. The photos was very well taken.. would engage Multifolds again for future events!

Hajarah Beeve
  • Hajarah Beeve

Melvin thanks a million for the wonderful photoshoot yesterday… Im kinda missing the moments.. thanks for being so understanding and really appreciate ure efforts… never once during the shoot u looked at ure watch and said “okay times up! next location”.. really loved how committed you are.. you should open up a 3 day lovescapade in Singapore cause u make the whole process so enjoyable and u make Singapore itself look so beautiful.. its truly a pleasure working with you… keep the passion rolling and you are gifted with such wonderful skill… all the best for ure upcoming projects…

Genevieve Wijaya
  • Genevieve Wijaya

Melvin, just want to say thank you for taking beautiful pictures of the three of us. My favourite picture taken with Caesar is the candid shot you took of us while I fed him water. He was looking right at me. It was really a priceless and the most beautiful moment captured of Caesar and myself. THANK YOU for making that moment unforgettable. I will feel his love every time I look at it.