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  • Tying the Knot for Gerald and Zhi Xin

  • It was an honour to have Gerald ring me up to express his interest in the works and services of Multifolds. His fiancée, Zhi Xin, had always been a fan of our works. When I first met the pair, Gerald and Zhi Xin already had some ambitious ideas for their pre-wedding and solemnisation, of which m[...]
  • Tying the Knot for Shane and Nikki

  • Shane and Nikki are 2 amazing individuals that are perfect for each other. I haven't got the time yet to blog about their lovescapade but I totally fell in love with their love story. They knew each other in church but they kept their relationship hush hush because who even agrees to a BGR when both[...]
  • Tying the Knot for Daryl and Lisa

  • I've known Daryl ever since I was born. He is my cousin and we've been watching each other growing up and it's finally his big day. Daryl and Lisa knew each other in Sydney from studying their uni days together. Fast forward, both are meant to be together and they decided to get hitched! [...]
  • Seoulscapade 서울! with Eric and Valerie

  • Seoul doesn't bore me at all. This is the 4th couple I have shot in Korea and easily topped over Bali as our popular destination for private one to one pre wedding shoot aka Lovescapade. Despite Valerie not feeling well and the rain today, nothing actually stop us from shooting outdoors! Everything [...]