• Lovescapade of Wei Jian and Rhema in New Zealand

  • My oh my, New Zealand is seriously too amazing for me to handle. This was my first time heading to New Zealand but we nailed it immediately with such breathe taking scenic drives and delicious food. Although the plane duration is equivalent to head London, but the views is incomparable. We explor[...]
  • Lovescapade of Edward & Sonia in London

  • London is one of the prettiest cities in the world. It is often known for its beautiful landmarks and the bustling streets but the little drive away from the city brought us to a romantic garden with an ethereal ambiance. The lovescapade of Edward and Sonia was one unforgettable experience.
  • Lovescapade of Swee Hock and Candace in Seoul

  • Seoul is such an amazing place with this current K Pop vibes yet holding dearly to it's traditional architectures. I've been to Seoul for many times and I told myself that I have to shoot differently. I have to rethink and reorganise my Seoul lovescapade to constantly stay relevant and fresh. I thin[...]
  • Lovescapade of Joshua and Ashley

  • We had an interested styled shoot at the ironic railway bridge. I mean, no one does a styled shoot there before. So why not we will be the first to have it there since it's such a rustic, beautiful bridge? Multifolds and our fellow Wedfolks vendors, Tiara Bridal (Gowns), Flower Story (Flowers), Med[...]
  • Lovescapade of Shyong Wei and Huimin in Australia

  • I will never forget this super duper loveable couple where they brought me to 2 countries, one in Japan and another in Australia to have the best moments in my life. Here is the Australia edition first as we travelled from Melbourne to Tasmania to have the shots taken. till the[...]