Actual Day

  • Tying the Knot for Ha Linh and Junwei

  • Ha Linh and Junwei were really fast thinkers. They know exactly what they wanted, who to chose and which venue to best depict their personality. It was a small intimate event but with big big hearts from family and friends at Raffles Hotel and Halia. Here are some of the amazing evening we spent c[...]
  • Tying the Knot for Stephanie and Sam

  • This is one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever captured. Sam and Stephanie’s wedding was filled with such wondrous beauty and joy, and it is for this very reason I find myself watching their wedding video again and again. Before you make a nosedive for the photos, do take some time to check[...]
  • Tying the Knot for Gerald and Zhi Xin

  • It was an honour to have Gerald ring me up to express his interest in the works and services of Multifolds. His fiancée, Zhi Xin, had always been a fan of our works. When I first met the pair, Gerald and Zhi Xin already had some ambitious ideas for their pre-wedding and solemnisation, of which m[...]
  • Tying the knot for Seraph and Alice

  • I had gotten to know Seraph when we were both students in Nanyang Polytechnic. I hadn’t had the slightest idea back then that I would become a wedding photographer. 8 years after we graduated, and about 5 years since I started Multifolds, Seraph decided to approach me to shoot his entire wedding. I [...]
  • Tying the knot for Sonya and Judd

  • I've gotten to know Sonya 1.5 years back. Back then, I was my first shoot with her with Hollyhoque look book shoot. Sonya was one of the funniest model I've ever worked with. Her laughter is really contagious and sometimes she makes the funniest jokes around her. And also,it was my first time witnes[...]