Darrell & Georgina Love Story

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Photography: Wilson, Senior of Multifolds Photography
Makeup: Ready Get Set Glow
Wedding Gown: Stitch By Stitch.co
Evening Gown: Rico-A-Mona Bridal
Suits: Edit Suits Co.
Flowers: Liz Florals
Venue: Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Darrell & Georgina first met when they notice each other’s good looks. Feelings started to develop when she wanted to tease Darrell by taking his expensive pen. It was Darrell’s precious pen that was bought by his sister. Darrell was swayed by Georgina’s cheekiness and that really made an impression on him. From then on, he wanted to know more about her and managed to get her number from a common group chat. He found ways to talk to her by sending funny messages. From that moment on, they kept talking to each other.

Both of them started to hanging out. On their second date (but to Georgina, it’s just a friendly meeting), they went to Boat Quay. It was a Saturday night and both of them were seated along the beautiful Singapore River having conversations. While Darrell was spending time with her, on a few occasions, he noticed Georgina kept looking at the clock tower across the river. Little did he know that Georgina wanted to go home as she has to attend church the next morning. As I got to uncover more of their story, Georgina told me that the staring of the clock tower was because she noticed that was already very late and she was subtly trying to hint that it was time to go home. But Darrell didn’t notice as he wanted to spend more time with her. So she tried giving more hints by quickly finishing her bottled water.

After many years later, here they are back at the same place as a married couple. It’s funny how their love story unfolded from a friend who got to know each other because of an expensive pen to a married couple.

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Tying the Knot / Actual day Wedding Photography Tips!

Congratulations on tying the knot! Wedding planning can be daunting and I assure you that it is completely normal to be feeling this way! However, If you’re still worried about how things will unfold on an actual day, fret not because I’m here to share some tips to help you guys out! 

Tip number 1: Plan your photoshoot timing at the correct time of day! 

Proper planning is important. My advice for couples is to plan their photoshoots on your actual day between the timing of 8am to 10am. During this time, the weather is cooler and lightings are usually the best and most forgiving. You wouldn’t want to be breaking into buckets of sweat whilst in your suit or gown! 

Tip number 2: Have your loudest and closest friends and family along the aisle of your March in! 

Marching in can be a stressful thing for some of you but why not let your family and friends support you while you do so! 

I always encourage couples to have their nosiest and closest friends along the aisle because they will be the ones cheering you on! Not only that, it makes the march in even more memorable!

Besides, the pictures we capture would be nicer too! Why not kill two birds with one stone right?

Can you imagine having an aisle full of people whom you aren’t very close with but who end up in the majority of your photos? Damn sian right… Your first March in should be filled with all the moments that you’ll want us to capture! 

Tip number 3: Put a ring on it! (The correct one of course!) 

I swear, this is the most important part, so listen up! Don’t make the same mistake that I did! 

Always remember to keep yourself compose and pick up the RIGHT RING instead of your own when you’re putting your engagement rings on for each other! (I’m not kidding) 

Some of you might think “walao, this one need to say meh?”. But I kid you not when you’re up there in front of a sea of people, you will be nervous and there is a high possibility that you might try to put your own ring onto your partner’s finger. It happened to me, so trust me on this guys. 

Also, when putting on the ring, go slow! We photographers, can’t say “eh wait ah, can remove again and put it on?” So for us, it’s either a hit or miss! (You wouldn’t want us to miss your one and only ring shot!) 

By going slow, it will help us to help you capture the picture-perfect moment beautifully! 

Tip number 4: Have your “Same day edit” (SDE) wedding video played AFTER your March in! 

Many couples will usually have their SDE video played before their second march-in. But, my advice to all couples is to have your SDE played after your March in! This will allow you and your partner to also watch the SDE video comfortably on your chairs! 

Very often, I find couples peeping through the door to watch their SDE video while waiting for their march-in. I mean, if you’re excited to watch the video as well, why not watch it together with your guest! 

I’m sure your videographers will thank you too as it gives them more time to edit your SDE video perfectly!

Tip number 5: Have a heartfelt speech to show gratitude!

Your actual Wedding day should be a happy occasion and celebrated with your loved ones. Asians are usually very conservative and usually, we don’t share our feelings with our parents. But trust us, deep down they do love words of affirmation. 

This is the best opportunity to thank your parents and siblings and give them the recognition that they deserve. Share with your friends and families what they have contributed to both of your lives. Because as the saying goes, without them, there won’t be you and you both won’t know each other and fall in love with one another!

Alright enough said, I hope these tips will come in handy for you guys and I wish you all the best for your wedding day!

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Collin & Daphane

What a beautiful end to 2020 with Collin and Daphane wedding. When I saw the wedding schedule, immediately I knew it is going to be a fun-filled wedding event.

Although there was a heavy downpour during the solemnisation, everything ran really smoothly. With that, I call it showers of blessings.

Photography : @multifolds by Melvin
Planner: @holymoly.sg
Videography: @substancefilms
Hair and Make up: @shaunleelee
Suit: @mrgsartorial (tux), @seamlessbespoke (suit)
Gown: @belleandtulle (morning dress + evening gown), @trulyenamoured (ROM)
Venue: Raffles Hotel (ROM), Shangri-La Hotel (dinner banquet)

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5 Secret Lovescapade Locations that many think isn’t shot in Singapore

You’ve asked, we haven’t answered until now.

It’s definitely a hassle to reply each of everyone’s DM on the locations that we have painstakingly found on every nook and cranny of Singapore’s land. Finally, we are sharing on the locations with you on what we have found, shot and delivered to our clients. Do give us a follow on our Instagram @multifolds to see more new locations up on our sleeves in future!

Here are the current 5 secret lovescapade locations that you been asking for. We found these places interesting is because firstly, it wasn’t discovered by many by pre-wedding photographers. Secondly, it is quite accessible by car which is a bonus! 

Lastly, I truly like to say and appreciate our amazing and adventurous couples who entrusted us in their lovescapade sessions with the new locations.

 1. Jurong Railway Line

(1°19’34.3″N 103°46’32.6″E)

High contrast shots with a tinge of mysterious vibes to your pre-wedding photos. Perfect for grooms who love architecture and symmetries in their pre-wedding photos, while brides gearing akin to nature shots. This is probably one of the best of both worlds.


 2. Eden Rows of Trees

(1°23’05.8″N 103°41’31.5″E)

Totally perfect for clients who love very soft background with rows of trees. What we love about this place is that it is really quiet. Prior to that, there’s no cars to photobomb into your photos. However, come with an open mind in this location. You will understand why when you open the Google Maps Link! That is the reason I prefer to shoot very soft, 85mm f1.4 for less distractions.


 3. Bollywood Veggies

(100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026)

I have to give credit to Wilson who found this place. I went there with an open mind, as well as super delicious food such as Otah Omelette and their blue pea Nasi Lemak. This is the closest to how farms in Malaysia look like. With Banana trees, butterfly garden and etc, this is the best spot for a tropical outback look.


 4. Sand Dunes in the East

(1°18’25.9″N 103°56’19.1″E)

A lot of people have been asking for this place, and they were guessing it to be at Tuas. No, it is not Tuas nor Tampines as those places are out of bounce. However, at this quiet little spot in East Coast Park, there is a small sand bank to shoot with.

Hair and make up by @tracyimhmua

Hair and Gown: The Gown Warehouse

Flowers: 85Flowers


 5. Bougainvillea Flower Farm

(1°16’37.4″N 103°51’48.4″E)

The final location that we are sharing this quarter is this astonishingly beautiful flower farm in the CBD. Do note that this is seasonal. Therefore, it is recommended to do a recce before heading down to this place!


If you sincerely love our works and our hunger for new locations, you can engage us for your family / lovescapade sessions with us! We have made it modular and flexible to engage us for your rates. I am really sure that it fits all different budgets across everyone.

You can see our explanation and the rationale behind this modular pricing structure at


If you wish to get an immediate quote, do fill up this form and our virtual assistant will email you the quote right away for your lovescapade sessions with us.


Till here then.

Follow us at our Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/multifolds.photography

And Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/multifolds/

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Shenglin and Nicole

It’s a gem to have Shenglin and Nicole. We were supposed to be shooting in Cappadocia, Turkey with the hot air balloons and deserts.

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, they were really nice to convert it into a local pre-wedding shoot. I knew I had to give my best and make it as epic as how I shot overseas. Therefore, for their set of photos, I had to ensure that the places that we shoot in Singapore, do look like an overseas location. I’m really glad that they were open in new locations despite not shooting there before. I’m also equally thankful for Tracy, from https://tracyim.com for being very flexible with her policies. We were supposed to be shooting in Cappadocia too!

I truly love the photos a lot, this is probably the highlight of 2020 for me with the new locations.

I love these sand dunes a lot. There are layers of sand which creates a nice dimension to the photo.

Thereafter, we went to this beautiful quarry area.

There’s a lot of textures and shadows at the backdrop which made this such a unique location in Singapore.

📸 @melvin_multifolds #lovescapade #melvinxmultifolds
💄 @tracyimhmua http://tracyim.com
👗@thegownwarehouse https://www.thegownwarehouse.com
🌹 @85flowers_sg http://85flowers.com.sg

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Zisheng and Michelle

It was liberating to find new locations in Singapore to shoot. After I found the location, I did really check if there are any other photographers doing couple photoshoots here before I boldly say that we were the first to do this.

I’m truly happy to find out that after shooting this session, a lot of other photographers manage to find this place and does their couple sessions here too! It definitely looks like a flower farm with many rows of flowers here. We had a good time in this session as we were the only ones there under the beautiful sunset.

Till here then!

The next post with new hidden location in Singapore.

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Atticus and Michelle



summer house,


Makeup: @patrina_autelier@autelier_makeup
Gown: @stitchbystitch.co
Venue: @thesummerhousesg


Atticus and Michelle first met in Veterinary school and as they discussed their wedding schedule with me, they shared that their dog Daisy, will be a part of their wedding. Dogs are known to have the largest courage to love unconditionally and an immeasurable amount of compassion and patience. I chose this picture of Daisy to represent them not only because she was a part of it, but also a representation of the values of how they love each other unconditionally, and who they are as a couple.


A couple who loves patiently, love unconditionally, and a couple with the biggest heart of compassion.


It was a beautiful day at The Summer House on their wedding with Dr Shirley Low as their Solemnizer. I still remember how anxious both Atticus and Michelle were a few days before their wedding as they faced some issues finalising the officiant for their wedding.  Despite the issues and tight restrictions amidst the pandemic, Atticus and Michelle remained calm and collected throughout the process and it all turned out for the better.

Small weddings are inevitable during this time and I believe we all can agree that planning a wedding alongside restrictions during this time could be something to be proud of after all!



— End —



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Robin and Vanessa

It was the first 10-hour wedding for me after 6 months of hiatus. I never knew that I would be forced to stop shooting for a full day wedding due to a worldwide pandemic, COVID 19.

Majority of our clients decided to postpone their weddings this year. While I truly appreciate them for not cancelling out their own weddings with us, I am even more thankful for clients who proceed on their wedding and adjusting it accordingly to the government requirements.

Let the photos do the speaking.

Hair and Make Up: Candy Tiong 
Gown: Truly Enamoured
Suit: Joe’s Tailoring
Deco: huis_ri_ji
Videography: wemerrygoround

Thanks Robin and Vanessa for having me for your Lovescapade and Tying the Knot!

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Dorry and Cassandra

I wanted something different. Although 2020 has been really hard for the world, I took this opportunity to revitalise myself with new works and alleviated styles to my crafts.

I’m thankful to have met Dorry and Cassandra and trusting my works wholeheartedly. Faith and trust are something my clients should possess so I can execute my crafts better and not simply chasing my old works routinely. Please enjoy the photos.

Location: Upper Pierce Reservoir

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